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Join us for Ireland's first Fertility Retreat simply put


If you have found us, then you are in need of a break. FertiRetreat launches in 2022 especially for supporting women emotionally on their fertility journey.

Our aim is to look outside of the main fertility issue, and support you as you are today, to cope and thrive in your life, while living and waiting for your future baby.

Our clients have been asking for a weekend retreat.  Some time out for themselves where the main focus is not the baby, where they can just be themselves, to wind down and relax with like-minded people and take away some new techniques to make day-to-day living as peaceful as possible.

Our Fertility Therapists all have outstanding reputations for patient-centered care, which is why you can trust us to provide you with the very best fertility advice and support.

We have sourced some quaint and wonderful locations for our FertiRetreat weekends. Our very first retreat is happening in Co. Offaly, Ireland 28th – 30th October, with lots of wholesome food, relaxing space, and therapeutic healing sessions throughout the weekend.

We have partnered with experienced Fertility Therapists to bring you a weekend full of rejuvenating activities and home made vegetarian and gluten free meals and snacks.




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Starting a FertiRetreat has been a burning passion for us for the last 2 years.  We understand that living with Covid has been hard enough, but to add your fertility issues on top is a heavy burden to carry.  With that in mind, we’ve created a supportive and relaxing programme for the weekend where you can switch off knowing that we are here to take care of you.

Our FertiRetreat consists of
- A supporting atmosphere in a tranquil countryside setting
- Experienced fertility therapists to advise and support you
- Comforting nutrition and yoga to soothe your body
- Emotional Processing with modules from the Freedom Fertility Formula
- Equine Assisted Therapy with local EAGALA qualified practitioner and psychotherapist
- Painting from the Heart
- Sound Therapy Session & Guided Silent Walk in the Woods
- Lovingly prepared vegetarian and GF meals – Vegan by request
- A small number of participants so everyone is heard and listened to
- Great food, fun and laughter!




Join us for Ireland’s first Fertility Retreat.  Our Fertility specialists all have outstanding reputations for patient-centered care, which is why you can trust us to provide you with the very best fertility advice and support.

Our nutrition & holistic approach promotes long-term health benefits to you, your partner and your family
Experienced fertility therapy professionals are here to answer all your questions
Your emotional wellbeing is our top priority during and after your stay
You will leave feeling supported, rejuvenated and full of hope for your future journey

All this anxiety has on the contrary liberated me

Attending a FertiRetreat will support your wellbeing, enhance a positive mindset on your fertility journey and may improve your chance of a getting pregnant.